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Specialization: Expert Opinion u/s 45 Indian Evidence Act, 1872





Naveen. S. Kosti. FDE
M.Sc (F.Sc), LLB,  PGD (FD&FE), PGD (C&FS)
PGD (M&P), B.Com, CA-PCE

       Naveen Kosti is one of the most sought after Professionals in the Field of Document Forensics and Allied Sciences. 

Working in close association with Courts of Law, Law Enforcement Agencies and Legal Professionals NSK & Co., under the Management of Naveen Kosti, leverages its expertise in the field of Questioned Document Examination (QDE).

Naveen Kosti has provided several Opinions as ‘Court Appointed Commissioner’ in Questioned Document Examination, Handwriting & Fingerprint Cases in Courts of Law across Karnataka, India.

Highly Qualified in the Fields of Forensics and Accountancy from Esteemed Institutions and Universities across India, Naveen Kosti has the distinction of having completed Over 3 years of Combined Practical Training and Over 15 Years of Combined Experience in the field.

Naveen Kosti also has a vast Experience in the field of Fingerprinting for Immigration PCC/ Identity History Summary Checks with Over 4000+ Personnel Fingerprinted till date. 

Naveen Kosti is Driven by the Vision -

 “To provide Fast track Forensics Solutions aimed at assisting Courts of Law and Legal System to Expedite Disposal of Cases in the Interest of Justice."

Naveen Kosti, is also the Owner & Co-Founder of AHFS India® (Associated Handwriting & Forensic Services India), one of the reputed Forensics Firms based out of Bangalore, India. 




  • Signature Comparison

Court Opinion/ Reports on Detection of Forgery of Signatures on Disputed Documents such as Sale deeds, Property documents, Cheques, Wills, Anonymous letters, etc 

  • Handwriting Comparison

Court Opinion/ Reports on Forensic Handwriting Analysis of Disputed Documents such as Complaints, Wills, Notes, Cheques, Forms, Property Documents, Anonymous letters etc

  • Court Testimony

Appearance before Hon'ble Courts for Evidence and Cross Examination in  Law Suits related to Questioned Documents involving Signatures, Fingerprints and Handwriting.

  • Fingerprint Verification

Physical Fingerprints/ Thumb Impressions (LTM) Taking in Open Court; Opinion/ Reports on Forensic Fingerprint Verification of Disputed Documents.

  • Pre-Trial Advisory

Preliminary Opinions/ Reports on Disputed Signatures, Fingerprints, Handwriting on Disputed Documents before Filing Suit before Courts of Law and Consultation.

  • Expert Cross Examination

Consultation to Advocates on Cross Examination of Experts, Preparation of Cross Examination Line of Questioning, Cross Examining Experts before Hon'ble Courts of Law.  


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Hon'ble Court Judgements and Orders

“…It is to be borne in mind that, none of the parties has filed objection to Report of Handwriting Expert dated 23.11.2015 and said report has become part of Court records. There is no reason to disbelieve report of handwriting expert…”


- OS 6685/2006, Bangalore City Civil Court.

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Naveen. S. Kosti.

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